Vlog – Videos Where Status Transportation Truckers Report What They Experience

Owner operators are a cautious lot. They have to be; it is in their nature. Driving all day among unpredictable automobile operators, elements of weather and deadlines, the job requires a high level of concentration. When they finish the day on the road, there always seems to be more work to do just to prepare for tomorrow. Here, Status Transportation truckers report their experiences being an owner operator for Status Transportation Corp, a Winter Garden, FL operation that has grown steadily.

Status Transportation truckers report enthusiasm over a new offer of a $1000 BONUS to new lease-on owner operators.

Truth-telling truckers

A webpage that touts success and promises the same to others is easy to build, but the truth comes straight from the mouths of those who can attest to experiences first-hand. The following videos feature off-the-cuff remarks made by owner operators, our family of Status Transportation truckers. Report after report shows they are happy with the choice they made in joining Status Transportation.

Go ahead and watch a few videos. Satisfy your curiosity and give Status Transportation Corp a call for more information.
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