At Status Transportation, Orlando, FL, Owner Operators Driven to Success

Status Transportation Corporation is a reputable firm based in Winter Garden, Florida. We recruit truck drivers, in particular, owner operators, to lease-on as members of our driving team to transport different types of goods from one location to another across the US. Essentially, Status Transportation, Orlando, FL is a logistics agent connecting loads with professional drivers.

Your owner operator business is in good hands with Status Transportation, Orlando, FL.

“Owner operator” means that the drivers own their trucks or trailers. They are different from the drivers who deal with fleet trucks owned by a company. Owner operators have more independence in that they can decide on when or what sort of loads to transport as they choose. Moreover, they control their own fuel costs and earn their own profit.

At Status Transportation, Orlando, FL we provide transportation services that can meet client needs efficiently and also tackle fluctuations in a firm’s volume based on the season and growth. A primary factor that sets our firm apart from others is the dedication to quality we demonstrate to our clients and the strong commitment to fast and friendly customer support services for both drivers and customers.

We are always available to listen and are considerate of the needs of our clients throughout the year. We are proud of being among the most reliable and flexible transport networks in the current market.

All Year-Round Reliable Transport Service

Status Transportation Orlando FL works with multiple businesses and brokers daily to transport shipments to locations in the eastern, western, northern and southern parts of the nation. Most of the loads we transport are industrial goods, foods—both non-perishable and fresh, as well as everyday consumer goods. Other than providing dependable transport services, we also handle last-minute shipments. It is not difficult for us to quickly arrange shipments to effectively accommodate the shifting needs of customers and brokers who rely on us for smooth business operations.

Working with Status Transportation Corporation

Just one of many happy owner operators who drive for Status Transportation, Orlando, FL.

Status Transportation Orlando FL finds great pride in working with the top owner operators in the transport industry to fulfill the needs of customers in different parts of the country. As a non-forced dispatch firm, we always aim to respect the personal requirements of owner operators and provide top-notch opportunities to assist them in fulfilling their own individual and professional goals when working hand in hand with us.

Moreover, we provide effective support to owner-operators whenever necessary. Any problems or concerns can be addressed quickly to ensure owner-operator and customer satisfaction. Our mission is to offer a well-rounded, exceptional experience for all the involved parties, and this makes us a top firm to work with.

If you are an owner operator you can expect the following advantages when you work with us:

  • $1000 Sign On Bonus
  • Weekly pay
  • Access to a tractor and trailer repair facility
  • Long runs from East to West, North to South and in the Midwest
  • IFTA calculation
  • Cash advances
  • Direct deposit
  • Fuel cards
  • No forced dispatch
  • No touch freights
  • Referral rewards
  • Access to a fuel discount program

Our company covers all 48 states and our owner-operators are free to choose between two options: OTR (Over the Road) or REGIONAL driving choices. Regional areas are comprised of the owner operator’s home state and a minimum of the ten nearby states. However, drivers can run more than that, but not less. OTR drivers run three weeks at a time whereas regional drivers stay out a minimum of five days in a week.

For any driver who does need a trailer, we can provide and maintain one for them for a reasonable weekly rental fee. We are pleased to say that all the trailers we provide are 2013 or newer and they are duly inspected by certified mechanics before being leased to an owner-operator. This makes work for drivers much easier and safer as reduces time off the road due to unexpected breakdowns.

The OTR driver at Status Transportation, Orlando, FL can maximize earnings by letting our assigned dispatcher work for you.

Better Rates and More Satisfaction

This industry is constantly undergoing rapid changes; therefore, our team is always on the lookout for the most profitable avenues on the market. This equals better rates for owner-operators who accept jobs. In general, this means higher driver satisfaction and happier customers. This is among the many reasons why Status Transportation Orlando FL is among the top companies in the country to work for — and obtain transport services from—as it adapts to the ever-changing needs of the market.

When someone chooses to work with our company, they are guaranteed reliable customer service as well as clear directions and detailed responses to questions. We know very well that addressing issues promptly means a faster resolution and smoother experiences for everyone.

Our great commitment to customer services and quick attention to detail is highly appreciated by our clients, as seen in the Status Transportation Orlando FL reviews. Owner-operators also have positive things to say about having the chance to work with us. We strongly value our relationship with them and put extra effort into making sure they get the most out of their work.

Another important consideration is the steady volume of work we can provide. Other firms might not have the ability to provide a steady volume of job opportunities to owner-operators, but at Status Transportation Orlando FL we work diligently to source a steady volume of jobs. This helps to create job stability for drivers and their families who depend on steady work volumes. It is a wonderful opportunity to acquire all the benefits they need from a firm without inviting “big company” indifference, drawbacks or hassles.

At Status Transportation, Orlando, FL, We Value Good Communication

We understand that clear communication, which includes outlining mutual expectations, is important for the success of everyone dealing with our company. We always aim to give owner-operators full job details and pay them on a weekly basis because we believe this is a reliable way to succeed in this growing industry. Our company depends on top-performing drivers who are prepared to take on any job. Likewise, we greatly value transparency and proper attention to details.

Come Work with Us as an Owner Operator

You might have worked previously with other firms that did not value your working relationship. Maybe they did not see the need to incorporate transparency in the workplace. It might have been hard to address concerns or issues with management. When you work with Status Transportation, Orlando, FL, we guarantee you that you will be able to concentrate on the job at hand, and not be hindered by frequent delays and problems caused by poor communication. As a matter of fact, we handle all the work details and schedules. You will be able to do your work and enjoy the advantage of driving with a dependable firm that values your time and hard effort.

Are you prepared to make a positive change today and work with a company that truly cares about your services? Given that you are a professionally driven owner operator, you should consider working for Status Transportation, Orlando, FL. We can help you grow your business efficiently so that you can earn more revenue. Please make a point to read through the reviews from other owner-operators who have worked with us before. For more information about us and how to apply for work as an owner operator, browse through our site and find out why we provide some of the best opportunities in this industry.