Who is Status Transportation?

At Status Transportation, we don’t just match owner/operators to freight assignments. We create valuable business strategies that allow both sides to come together seamlessly ensuring each side gets exactly what they need out of the partnership. Our highly trained staff can create routes that both ensure on-time delivery as well as profitability for everyone involved. Status Transportation works to build strong relationships from both sides putting together dedicated owner/operators with consistent, committed freight runs.

Consistent Miles
Status Transportation brings owner operators and freight together, and helps move America's economy.

For owner/operators to make a profit, they must have a consistent number of dedicated miles each week. At Status
Transportation, we work to make sure each owner/operator gets the freight runs they need to meet or exceed those dedicated miles. Consistency is the key and when an owner/operator is working with the right company, those relationships tend to become strong. This allows both parties to depend on one another. By working with Status Transportation, those bonds can become even stronger.

Valuable Resources

The team at Status Transportation works with both sides to offer valuable resources. While our owner/operators keep the freight moving, we can help by maintaining a constant supply of fuel cards, advances that may be needed for parts or repairs, and reliable logistics that help to map out the most efficient and reliable routes. This saves everyone involved both time and money. We also provide our dispatchers and other team members with ongoing education so that each person is at the top of their game, all day, every day.

No Taking Jobs You Don’t Want

Our goal is to coordinate owner/operators with runs, both local and over the road, that they want to take. This means working with both sides to find the right match between the driver and shipper. We know from experience that if you want an owner/operator to be happy, you provide them with the freight runs that will allow them to achieve both their personal and professional goals.

While we work with owner/operators, we also can offer other types of hauls as well, including dry vans and flatbeds. This allows us to provide the right type of service to each of our clients at an affordable price. Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations and we will do our best to complete that mission each and every time.

Time Off the Road

One of the biggest requests for many owner/operators is to have enough time for rest and revitalization. While some don’t mind being on the road for days at a time, others have families or other responsibilities that apply pressure to their work schedule. We work to bring these drivers runs that provide them with the time they need to attend to the issues that face them. Dedicated local runs are one way we can help. These routes require drivers who are always committed to being on time and providing the best possible service. The companies we connect our owner operators with often giving glowing testimonials about how satisfied they are with the working relationship that has been established by Status Transportation.

Status Transportation Offers Top Market Rates

Another benefit of working with Status Transportation is that we offer top market rates in terms of shipping costs and owner/operator pay. The pay we offer is a direct percentage of the cost of the haul which means the owner/operator knows in advance what their earnings will be for each freight run they make. By offering to market rates in terms of the cost of each run as well as the pay we offer to our owner/operators, we guarantee that both sides are fully satisfied with the level of commitment we provide. Our team is in this to establish a relationship that is both powerful as well as profitable.

Establishing a Powerful Partnership with Status Transportation

The companies who choose Status Transportation and the owner/operators we pair them with, rely on us to create profitable matches. Over the years, we have learned what it takes to make a powerful partnership. Our goal is to put together companies and owner/operators that can work together effortlessly. This allows them to build a solid partnership that guarantees each side gets the best of what the other has to offer. Over time, these partnerships can grow into extremely profitable ventures that look to Status Transportation for the support they need for renewed growth and sustainability.

If you are an owner/operator or a company that is looking for a dedicated dispatch and transportation team, you have come to the right place. Status Transportation has an excellent reputation for being able to match up the right company with the right owner/operator to produce a winning team that continues to grow over time. Our owner/operators as well as the companies they drive for, both offer positive and powerful testimonials as to the strong bonds that have been formed at the hands of the Status Transportation team.