Status Transportation, Winter Garden, FL: Local Headquarters with a Big Impact

Status Transportation Winter Garden FL headquarters
Status Transportation Corp Looks Toward 10th Anniversary
June 28, 2019
A custom rig can roll with Status Transportation, Winter Garden, FL

Working with Status Transportation, Winter Garden, FL, as an owner operator is an enjoyable and profitable experience. It offers the truck driver independence and flexibility while eliminating the hiccups of running everything on their own.

Drivers looking to join the owner operator business often find challenges when getting started. They fret about sourcing constant work to enable them to break even and begin enjoying profits.

The Status Transportation, Winter Garden, FL owner operator relationship can be quite profitable.

By choosing Status Trucking, we can guarantee you regular loads and a steady income stream. We also let you make decisions on how to you run your business.

Are you an owner operator looking for a dependable logistics company in Florida?  Here is what you get by partnering with Status Transportation, Winter Garden, FL.

Personal Touch with Owner Operators

Status Transportation Corporation is a small-sized company where each person appreciates the other. We treat owner operators with respect and promote teamwork to develop effective working relationships.

We acknowledge truckers as some of the most hardworking people. Our interest is to ensure that your perseverance in the business does not go unnoticed. We take time to understand your pain points and provide workable solutions.

You are not just a statistic when working with us. Whenever you raise a concern, you can rest assured someone is addressing it. We strive to solve issues affecting owner operators with urgency.

Dedication to Prosperity

Since our company’s inception in 2009, we have been successful in forming productive partnerships with multiple owner operators. Our collaboration has enabled Status Transportation Corp and partners to overcome different challenges surrounding trucking. We devote ourselves to providing the best possible service to realize the objectives of our partnerships.

Our principle focus is owner operators who want a platform where they can prosper and experience dignified treatment. The testimonials we have earned so far explain why owner operators choose to stick with us for long term business.

Personalized Dispatching Process

There is a lot involved in trucking, and the income you can make in the business is unlimited. However, your success depends on how organized you are. You can maximize your revenue by spending the least time possible between different deliveries.

Status Transportation, Winter Garden, FL assigns you a personal dispatcher to enable you to complete deliveries quicker. Your dispatcher secures loads on your behalf and determines the best routes at a particular time.

Our dispatchers have immense experience in the United States shipping industry. They look for shippers, negotiate with them, and compare rates. As an owner operator, your role is mostly to deliver loads.

Status Transportation, Winter Garden, FL assigns a personal dispatcher to each owner operator.

Status Trucking dispatchers identify the best-paying freights and devise a strategy to get you to your destination without hiccups. They also rescue you from slow areas and suggest solutions if something happens before you can deliver your consignment.

To reduce your waiting time, your dispatcher can book a second load in advance. This continuity of work enables you to achieve maximum profits.

Flexible Terms

Status dispatchers and managers are friendly and accommodative. You can request them to create a custom strategy to meet your desires, such as freeing up your time or increasing your workload.

We don’t impose loads on owner operators. You have the liberty to review the shipment and accept or reject it if you don’t have enough time to complete the delivery.

Our dispatching method allows owner operators to organize themselves and decide when to depart. For fairness, we ask drivers not to cancel deliveries after accepting a load. We also request you to stick to the rate agreed at the time of acceptance.

Truckers can choose to drive within their home area and ten more states, or navigate the entire country. If you have a route you would like to go, notify your dispatcher. He or she will get you a load for that region.

Status Transportation, Winter Garden, FL Payment Program

Status Transportation pay program is quite straightforward. We have two main programs based on a percentage – one for owner operators who own trailers and another for those who hire.

You get your payment every week through direct deposits without delays. We aim to ensure you have the cash flow you need to lead a comfortable life round the clock.

Your weekly pay includes all deliveries you manage by Wednesday of that week. Owner operators need to submit the necessary paperwork for all work done on time to help with payment processing. Anything not captured rolls over to the following week.

Our payment office also sends you a comprehensive settlement document to your email detailing all payments and deductions. Should you have any questions, you can call our accounting department for an explanation.

Repair and Maintenance of Status Trucks

Located in Forest Park, Atlanta, Georgia, Status Truck & Repair is our heavy-duty truck and trailer repair facility. Due to our tremendous experience in trucking, we diagnose and fix a wide range of semi truck glitches within minimum time.

We provide professional maintenance and repairs for our clients at fair prices. Our technicians try the best to save your money by avoiding unnecessary procedures. They employ solutions that minimize costs while maintaining unparalleled service.

We repair major brands found in the United States such as Volvo, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Mack, International, and Freightliner, among others. We source quality parts from authorized suppliers for quick delivery at competitive prices.

Our team is skillful, experienced, and trustworthy. We aim to offer a service that surpasses the expectations of our clients. For this reason, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment to establish the root causes of vehicle breakdowns and correct them accurately.

Owner operators can rely on Status Transportation, Winter Garden, FL for work as well as truck and trailer repairs. We offer you discounted rates for letting us work on your vehicle. We can assist you in getting your truck running even when it breaks down away from Forest Park.

Working as an Owner Operator vs. a Company Driver

Here are some advantages of being an owner operator as opposed to working as a driver for a shipping company.

  • You Make More Money

Owner operators work independently or partner with logistics companies. For this reason, their cut is considerably larger than what company drivers get.

  • Personalized Schedules

Company drivers have to go by the programs provided to them. On the other hand, owner operators adjust their schedules are they see fit.

  • Truck Customization
Working for Status Transportation, Winter Garden, FL allows you to customize you rig.

You can customize your truck into your dream vehicle. That’s not an option when driving a company truck.

  • Many Opportunities

Trucking companies are continually looking to partner with trucks owners. You can compare the available offers and grab the best.

  • Flexibility in Passengers

You carry your own insurance when you are an owner operator. You can decide who to ride with anyone you wish as long as you don’t break the law.

Why Lease to Status Transportation?

At Status Trucks, every owner operator gets a dedicated freight coordinator. The official sits with you and plots a strategy that enhances your profitability. For the plan to succeed, we handpick loads that resonate with your best interests.

Status Transportation, Winter Garden, FL, makes every effort to develop fruitful partnerships. We continually educate our staff, develop systems, and give you the resources you need. We offer dispatchers, advances, fuel cards, economical truck repair and maintenance, and many more. For more on Status Transportation Corporation, leave us a message.

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